with scallop shell

To Use:
Soak wine cooler in water then chill in the refrigerator - not the freezer. Bring to the table, place wine bottle in it. The evaporation of the water from the porous clay creates a natural cooling process. For red wine, use the wine cooler at room temperature to create a festive serving container.

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Wine Coolers
with grapes

Clay Trout Pottery offers wine coolers in either terra cotta or white clay.

The cooler can be:
1. Customized with the name or monogram of the wedding couple made into a seal which is applied to the pot. (see logo pots for details)
2. decorated with a hand sculpted grape motif
3. decorated with a hand sculpted shell motif

$40 each

Wine cooler in white clay with custom logature
White Wine Cooler with Custom Logo
wine cooler in white clay with shell aplique
White Wine Cooler with Shell